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When's my refund?

Wheres_my_refund_2_2 You probably know by now that you can use the IRS online tracker "Where's My Refund?" to find out just where in the system your tax return is.

Well, here's its companion: A nifty little table the tax agency put together telling you when you can expect a refund if you e-filed.

Now you know exactly what date to start bugging Uncle Sam about your tax cash!


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Marvin, here's the 2008 filing season schedule for folks who e-filed:

Thanks for reading and here's hoping you get your money soon!

marvin w. nonner

what day can I look to recevied my taxes for 2007.

Erik Roth

This year practically every taxpayer is owed a refund by the IRS of an illegally assessed telephone excise tax. But, last month the IRS reported that in January nearly thirty percent of early filers failed to claim their due refund. Approximately $20 billion ought to be refunded to individuals and organizations. Yet, what is not claimed will be forfeit, and remain in government coffers. A new website explains the history of this tax and offers free instructions and calculating tools for determining and obtaining the exact refund owed. Check out this little YouTube video about it:
Please post this notice to help spread the word about this one-time only tax refund.

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