Tax-break relief for tax-induced headaches
Call for phone refunds going unanswered

Nation of numbers

Numbers_multicolor_2 They're everywhere.

Nielsen ratings. Can you believe how many people watch American Idol?

Billboard rankings. A mixed message this week for Norah Jones, whose first album in three years opened Wednesday at #1 on the U.S. pop charts, but whose first-week sales were less than half those of her last CD.

Dubya's budget. $2.9 trillion for Fiscal 2008, which begins in October.

High school football players. Yesterday was National College Signing Day, an unofficial state holiday here in Texas.

And, taxes, of course, are all about the numbers. So I was pleased to learn this week that the ol' blog about taxes figured positively in some numbers crunching.

According to an analysis of Alexa rankings by Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, we make the top 60 personal finance blogs. Alexa, an Amazon subsidiary, is best known providing information on the Web traffic to other Web sites.

OK, we're not number one (full disclosure: We're awfully glad Jim opted to make 60 his cutoff). But with our typical half-full glass attitude (quit snickering, hubby!), Don't Mess With Taxes is pleased to be recognized at all considering the size of the blogosphere.

DMWT fares better numerically over at Ask the Advisor. In that site's favorite 100 personal finance blogs, we made the top 11 blogs that focus on, in the site's words, "Savings, Debt, Credit, Frugality and Taxes ... the stuff that most people managing their personal finances are concerned about." Yay!

Sure, numbers change. Rankings are subjective, some might even say arbitrary. But we are a nation obsessed with comparisons and accountability, which means there's no escaping numerical rankings.

So I'll happily take my latest listings and say thanks to all, rankers and readers alike!


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