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Carnival of Money Stories

Once upon time there was a group of bloggers who shared their personal financial tales. Not just advice or the dry relating of money matters, but real, honest-to-goodness personal dealings with lucre, filthy and otherwise.

And readers were amazed and amused (among other things) by these stories. And a couple of bloggers decided it would be good to regularly gather these accounts in one place. And so was born the Carnival of Money Stories.

OK, that's my story on the Carnival of Money Stories. I wasn't there for the creation of it, so don't take my word as gospel. You can read about the real origins here.

But one my posts, me kvetching about the complexities of claiming exact long-distance phone tax refund amounts, is included in the latest edition, #5 in the Money Carnival series.

The Silicon Valley Blogger put this week's Carnival together over at her regular blog, The Digerati Life. In addition to my humble offering, SVB gives us Uncle Bill thinking outside the box, Sharon milking sacred money cows and Martin deciding what to do with a bonus.

And that's just a quasi table of contents. Check out the Carnival itself for the rest of the stories.


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The Digerati Life

Hi Kay,
I love your rendition of the birth of the Money Stories carnival :). I want to let you know too, that you were the very first person who introduced me to the wonders of carnivals. Back then, I only had 20 visitors a day to my blog, but because of you, I have gained much more traction and exposure to the rest of the pf community. I submitted my very first carnival post to the Carnival of Taxes sometime in October of 2006, if you can imagine that :). I shall never forget that moment in time where I felt the tide turned for my little blog. Thank you so much for that opportunity Kay (yeah, and now I've been a host a few times as well!).

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