Prius problems could be buyer boon

A couple of Carnivals

Ferriswheel13jpg_3_1 Just in time for Daytona, the Carnival of Cars is back on track! Since our last pit stop, Mark has moved his Behind the Wheel blog to the Washington Examiner and the Car Carnival has a new garage, too.

It's now parked at's Straightline blog, where you'll find the latest edition.

Get in gear and cruise on over. It's a well-accessorized Car Carnival with a great sticker price: Free! And I'm proud to say that my tax haven item which includes some prime F1 racing roads made this debut edition at the carnival's new home.

If you're trying to get your finances in shape to buy a new vehicle, then you'll also want to check out the 87th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. This week it's hosted by 2million-My Journey to Financial Freedom, who's checking out currency conversion rates and seeing how much we can get for our dollar down in Rio with a Carnivale theme.

So, and pardon the beverage clichés in advance, grab a brewski if you're an automotive aficionado or a Mojito if your ready for some bossa nova bucks. And remember, my item about tax smart purchases of headache remedies (included in the PF Carnival) could also come in handy to treat any Carnival hangover you might encounter!


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