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Tax Carnival #10: Putting it All Together

As I mentioned here, I took a brief Tax Carnival break and sent the tax show on the road. This week's edition, the 10th Carnival of Taxes, is hosted by The Wandering Tax Pro. And RDF's theme, Putting it All Together, is quite fitting as we are right in the midst of the tax filing season 2007.

I see some new participants this time, including Tax Playa (as a former denizen of the Texas Panhandle where playa lakes abound, I love this blog name!), who has the intriguingly titled "Itemized Deductions: Taxes for Grownups." If you can reel in your inner child, check it out.

JLP at All Financial Matters has a handy chart of phaseouts for tax benefits. While Joe at Roth & Company nudges us to get going with the warning that procrastination is expensive, and William at About: Tax Planning tells us how to decipher our W-2s. And since I submitted instead of hosted, I'll also point you to my TC#10 article on how to pick a tax pro.

There's lots more in this latest Tax Carnival edition, so give it a read.

I'll be back in the Tax Carnival hostess seat for #11, which will run Monday, Feb. 5. So please keep those tax cards and letters coming at the Tax Carnival submission page.


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