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Tax carnival reminder

The 10th Tax Carnival is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 22. My tax baby is growing up and going
out into the world:
The Wandering Tax Pro
will be hosting the coming collection.

If you have a tax-related item (and please, send tax entries only; check out our submission guidelines), send it the Tax Carnival way. You can see what's appeared previously by perusing past editions at our Tax Carnival archives.

Saturday evening is the submission deadline. And while procrastination when it comes to anything connected to taxes is a time-honored tradition, the Carnival Keeper always appreciates contributors who don't wait until the absolute last minute!

When you are ready to send along an item, just click on the icon shown here. Or you can check the right column of Don't Mess With Taxes for the Tax Carnival section, where you'll also find contribution links and information.


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