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Merry Christmas 2006

Merrychristmas_2We'll be opening presents, chowing down on holiday ham and corn pudding, making long distance calls to the relatives and watching the Cowboys beat the Eagles (I hope!!!).

Tree_2006_2 That's pretty much gonna occupy my day, so
no more blogging until the 26th.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots of
our tree, pre-package plundering, and one of our new ornaments.

Each year, we try to find a new decoration for our tree. We found a couple this time, or rather the hubby did while I was in D.C. a few weeks ago. He did a fine job with both, but I like this one better, primarily because it's Austin and Texas specific.

In addition to the 10-gallon hat with the state flag colors, it depicts the Capitol dome, a guitar representing The Live 2006_austin_ornament_2 Music Capital of the World, the classic yellow rose of Texas, an Austin city limits sign (on the other, unpictured side) and our beloved official state small mammal, the armadillo.

Hope your Christmas is merry and bright. I'll see you here tomorrow.


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Merry Christmas, Kay! So funny, we do the same ornament tradition too every year :)

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