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Practice voting

Want some practice voting electronically before your ballot really counts next Tuesday? Then participate in our expired tax deduction poll here on Don't Mess With Taxes' home page (upper left corner).

Ballot_box_hand_depositing_2 We want to know which now dead, but soon to be resurrected (we hope!) deduction will help cut your coming tax bill the most.

I can't presume to predict my overall readership's voting propensities, but I suspect those from here in Texas, where everyone complains about sales taxes, are likely to want that itemized write-off back.

But blog readers and poll voters in my quasi-back yard of Austin, home of the University of Texas, might be able to give the tuition and fees deduction a victory, especially since you can claim it even if you take the standard deduction.

And who's to say which way voters in the swing states of Ohio and Florida might go. So let us know.

In case you missed it, this post examines the consequences of the political games that let these deductions die in the first place. 

The poll will stay up through Election Day, Nov. 7. All you have to do is click; you can do so once a day.

And, just like in too many real polling stations across the country, there's no messy follow-up paper documentation to get in the way.


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Actually, I like the teacher supply deduction. Do you know how much teachers spend on supplies? Tons! And not that many of them are able to apply the 2106 to their Schedule A and have it matter. This is one way to have their efforts acknowleged, at least. I'm sad to see it's going by the wayside.

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