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Lighting the first candle

One year ago today, I posted my first item on Don’t Mess With Taxes. Happy birthday blog!

Birthday_candle_no1_2_2 In my personal life I've long held that birthdays are just arbitrary demarcations of the random passage of time based on a capricious calendar. In other words, I'm older than I want to admit.

But since the blog is just a baby, I felt like I had to at least mention this milestone.

In the last 12 months, I've rambled on some tax and/or personal finance topic almost every day. In total, you'll find 405 posts, more than 150 comments and a decent number of sites (most respectable) that link here.

I get enough page views to pull in some pocket money from the Google ads and a couple of folks have even ordered items from Amazon after clicking through one of those commercial links.

I have plans to expand and spruce up the site -- add some features, revamp the look -- as soon as the demands of "real" life take a tiny break!
Unfortunately, that might be later rather than sooner, since the 2006-07 tax season is about to hit high gear. Until then, I appreciate your patience as I periodically make minor tweaks.

Today, though, I want to celebrate having survived year one of blogging, first by thanking you all. I am grateful for your confidence in the site and I hope that now and then you find something that brightens your day and saves you a few bucks.

Most of all, I hope your continued visits mean you enjoy reading Don’t Mess With Taxes as much as I enjoy writing it.

Here's to many more happy blogging returns!


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Congratulations, always enjoy reading your blog.


Happy Birthday, Kay!


Thanks, William. I'm going to try to use this date as an excuse to get the hubby to take me out to dinner tonight!

William Perez

Happy birthday! May you have many more blog anniversaries.

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