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Nfib_logo_1 When I was a writer and editor at Bankrate.com, one of my areas of responsibility was small business. I quickly learned that a good resource, both for businesses and journalists covering business issues, is the National Federation of Independent Business.

Now that I run my own small business, NFIB is doubly valuable to me.

Not only do I reference its Web site when I need guidance in my own efforts to make my editorial services company successful, I also write articles for the organization's Web site.

Here are links to my stories in NFIB's Tools & Tips section:

  • Don't Fall for These Common Tax Myths -- When it comes to your business taxes, deciphering the Internal Revenue Code is hard enough. Don't complicate the process by falling for bad tax information. (Feb. 12, 2008)
  • Getting and Keeping Good Company Credit -- Credit is crucial for business success. If your company doesn't have a credit profile, here's how to get one started and keep it in prime shape. (Oct. 4, 2007)
  • Tax Topics Make a Powerful Phishing Lure -- How do e-mail con artists known as phishers continue to net victims? One tactic is to take advantage of tax worries. Here’s how to make sure your company doesn't fall prey. (Sept. 20, 2007)
  • Five Tax-Saving Moves to Make in April -- You implemented your major tax strategies months ago. But even in April, you still have time to make tax-smart and tax-saving moves. (March 28, 2007) 

You can find out more about NFIB and read other articles at its Web page.


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