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Gearhead alert!

October's first Carnival of Cars, courtesy of our regular host Mark at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, heralds the fall season with the latest automotive bloggings.

London_taxi_2_1Fans of classic cabs must check out the Carnival's first item on the possible production location change for London Taxis. Folks who want to do their own driving and are looking for used wheels need to check out the articles from The Garage and Carsopia with tips on buying preowned autos.

If you buy a used auto down here in Texas, they you need to check out my item on the "liar's affidavit" that some buyers now will have to fill out, a posting that Mark so graciously included in this week's carnival.

As usual, this is just a sampling of the assembled auto info, so check out the full Carnival of Cars for much, much more.


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Miss Used Car Los Angeles

Oh man I wish I could go to that event! Love classic cars! Thanks for the posting!

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