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Driving around the auto blog

Ferrarif50_9 Regular readers recognize that headline. It's the tagline for the weekly Carnival of Cars, hosted by Mark over at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel.

Today, Mark brings us reports of fat cars, certified used cars and cars that women want.

Not to tip too much, but that one on autos that attract feminine buyers relates to hybrids. That's also part of the reason I made it into Mark's roundup this week. Another Car Carnival contributor found a story I did for Bankrate.com on the fuel-efficiency tax credit and its various cutoff dates.

Mark also was kind enough to mention my quasi-rant on the outrageously expensive Serene phone. It could have a car connection.

An owner of the $1,275 cell phone could use it to call AAA for help with a roadside emergency involving his or her Ferrari. I'm sure that's what anyone who spends that much for a cell phone would drive. Perhaps its design ambience will help calm the distraught driver as he or she waits for a tow.

To make sure you've got all the auto assistance you need, head on over to this week's fine Carnival of Cars collection.


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