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Personal_finance_carnival_badge_2 If you're looking for a compendium of recent money bloggings, then look no further than this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted and posted this time by Free Money Finance.

There are a couple of bloggings on kids and money that caught my eye: Teaching a Six-Year-Old to Save by Raising4Boys and Teaching Kids About Money by The Road 2 Riches.

Minime_smaller Why, you might ask, since the hubby and I have no Mini-Mes of ourselves, am I reading and recommending these items? Because, I answer, sometimes we all are pretty childish, chronological age notwithstanding, when it comes to money. So it pays to reassess our basic financial concepts, many of which were created when we were just mere Rugrats, to help us stay on the smart adult money-management path.

A big part of grownup money goes to housing. And if you've been paying attention to the real estate market, and who hasn't, you know there have been recent and dramatic changes in some areas.

We have a friend in South Florida who says the go-go residential property market there went-went almost overnight. Even if she wanted to sell her house now, she says she couldn't, and she sure couldn't get now anywhere near what she thought she'd make on it just a few months ago.

Our friend's predicament is probably why Scott on Money's post on Buying Real Estate with Fake Money caught my eye. OK, its about the board game Monopoly, but in this case Scott's observations show how game playing definitely imitates real life and real estate investing.

And I must point out that Stop it, stop it right now!, my item on Senate efforts to halt private tax-debt collection also is part of this latest Personal Finance Carnival.

Don't just take my word on what's worth reading. Head on over and check out the myriad entries yourself.

Image of Verne Troyer as Mini-Me courtesy of AllPosters.com


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