Labor Day largesse
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Catching a Car Carnival ride

Ferrarif50_8 Did your auto get you to your long-weekend destination? Will it get you back home? If the answer to either question is not what you'd like, then you can at least console yourself with some better automotive news at the Labor Day edition of Carnival of Cars, courtesy of our regular host, Mark at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel.

I'm with Mark in not getting the appeal of drifting (although I did get his tongue-in-cheek reference), but Jalopnik does. I admit to liking it when WoO drivers slide into and through corners, so maybe I'll give drifters another look-see.

I definitely know what Madeleine's going through over at Mad Kane's Humor Blog, where she recounts her tow truck blues. I share her car pain, as regular readers know from my recent auto repair item, which is also part of this Car Carnival, along with my item on a fast-approaching hybrid vehicle tax credit deadline.

Then there's Brian's take, over at Racedriven, on a recent track run-in between Jeff Gordon and Scott Riggs. Gotta agree with Brian here.

As you might suspect, the long weekend makes for a very long Car Carnival. So before you hit the road home, head on over there and check out the many, many interesting auto blog items.


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Mad Kane

Thanks so much for linking to my tow truck column!

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