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In case of an emergency firing, dumpster dive

Wake up and smell the money

Cup_of_coffee_beans_2 That's the theme of the latest Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted this week by Money Blog Network.

I must say, MBN is amazingly creative for a Monday morning, weaving a carnival tale a la Dr. Seuss. Just what is in his a.m. beverage and why isn't he sharing???

Here are some eye-openers, even without caffeine:

Oh, yes. My latte is finally kicking in, jogging my brain to let you know that the carnival also includes my notice that tax credits for Toyota hybrids are about to be cut in half.

Well, I hope this woke you up as much as it did me. For your second cuppa this morning, check out all the other fine offerings in this week's personal finance carnival.


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