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Some welcome tax breaks

In case you forgot

Solo_shopper_1 Ten states and the District of Columbia are holding sales tax holidays this weekend (D.C.'s actually runs through next Friday).

If you live in one of these states, like I do, you already know this. It's impossible to escape the constant barrage of print, radio and TV ads urging us to save a few bucks at our state treasury's expense.

But in case the aliens just returned you to earth a la The 4400, here are the holiday locales:

A click of the state's name will take you to its official site for details on what is and isn't tax-free during its holiday. This earlier post also contains some more info and shopping tips.


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Kay - I have one more STH goodie for you that I could not resist. I tried emailing you back, but I got a message saying it didn't go through. I used to be a Tax Counsel and the STHs were my pet. This one was my favorite STH, because it is so obscure. Just in case you are interested, Skagway, Alaska has had local sales tax holidays for the past several years. They are between October and March.
Here is a cite and link to their local code.

Skagway Municipal Code - Exemptions from sales tax §4.08.060(A)(23).



Very nice blog! You probably are planning this already. But just in case you didn't get to it yet, Massachusetts will be having a sales tax holiday next weekend. Here is the DOR link.


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