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Souptonutzdmwtpanel_1a This snippet proclaiming "Don't Mess With Taxes" is part of a cute cartoon that several fellow bloggers spotted and passed along.

Thanks to Frugal for Life for e-mailing it to me and making my day.

So where's the rest of the 'toon Frugal so kindly sent, you ask? Well, the layout of my blog doesn't lend itself to reproducing all three panels. I tried shrinking them, but when it comes to cartoon clarity, size does matter.

However, and here comes one of those other bloggers I mentioned, the TaxGuru posted the drawing in full here, along with a nice tie-in to yours truly. 

Many thanks to both Frugal and TaxGuru, as well as William Perez at About: Tax Planning, who dropped me a line about it, too.

BTW, the strip is "Soup to Nutz" and you can see more of cartoonist Rick Stromoski's work here.


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