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Pumping up the pimp tax, Stewart style

Yeah, you've already read about the Senate pimp tax in this earlier blog posting. Now, Jon Stewart has caught up and, as he put it, "got [his] finger on the pulse of the youth. Seriously, tax law."

On last night's program, The Daily Show "investigated" Congressional efforts to force pimps to follow IRS requirements like any other small business. Specifically, Washington wants all pimps to, in part, file W-2s for each of their working girls.

So "reporter" Dan Bakkedahl spoke with Rep. Jack Kingston, Republican representative of Georgia's first congressional district.

And, to be fair and balanced, Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan provided the pimp's point of view.

Kingston, perhaps taking a cue from other politicians who've appeared on the Daily Show and its spin-off Colbert Report, decided to get out in front of any possible misinterpretations of his appearance and touted it on his blog.

And so goes the inevitable meeting of legislation, media and popular culture in 2006 America. Is this a great country or what?


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