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Mark and his car carnival are back!

Green_light Mark, aka The Maestro of Car Carnivals who regularly posts all things automotive at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, had life intrude on blogging recently and had to take an unexpected cyber break. But I'm very pleased to report that he is back and the latest Carnival of Cars has returned to the information highway.

As you can imagine, the entry ramp to the Carnival backed up a bit while waiting for Mark to get back to directing traffic, so it's a particularly crowded Carnival commute. But don't succumb to cyber road rage. Just take advantage of the all the worthy items in the adjoining lanes.

You'll find tips on buying a car (rebate or low rate?), an account of women under the hood (I could have used them with my recent repairs), lots of auto race updates, as well as learn of the trouble with red cars.

Mark also included my report of some yard sales and associated road-tour events, and said some very nice  things about me. Thank you, kind sir. Can you tell I'm blushing?

So click on over there and enjoy the resumption of the Carnival of Cars ride. It's well worth the trip.


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