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Austinist accolades

Hear that tune? It's a little bit of horn tooting.

Austinist_2 The Austinist has included my post on our inordinately high July electric bill and related ramblings on zero-energy homes in this week's "Best of the Austin blogs."

I was doubly thrilled to make it into this week's group, as this is the second time I've had an entry acknowledged by the site. The first was back in February, when Texas was inexplicably named just the 45th most livable state in the United States (don't get me started on this injustice again!). I thought after that rant, I'd probably topped out.

So help me thank the Austinist for this second chance by clicking on over there and checking out the other week's selections, as well as browsing the full site.


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Congratulations on the recognition!

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