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59 + 33 = priceless financial tips

No, the usual rules of math still apply, especially with it comes to finances and taxes. But the fiscal value found in this week's Carnival of Personal Finance #59 and Festival of Frugality #33 is immeasurable.

JLP at AllFinancialMatters provides us with not only tons of great info at the latest Personal Finance Carnival, but the bloggings are displayed in an easy-to-read table format.

Carnival_ride_colorful_2 You'll find yours truly's report on the latest Congressional effort to shake the loose change out of our pockets (eliminating the penny) under the Economics banner. But it is just one among many in categories ranging from banking and budgeting to spending and taxes.

The item that immediately caught my eye: Have you ever been mistaken for an employee?  It's not a derivation on your pointy-haired boss' snide remarks in your last performance review. Rather, It's Just Money talks about the times that other store customers have misidentified him as someone to turn to for help as they wandered store aisles.

Those shoppers probably were looking for bargains. Well, they need to check out the money-saving tips in the latest Festival of Frugality, hosted by My Financial Journey. A first-time festival host, MFJ did a bang-up job, accumulating 28 thrifty tidbits (including no more pennies, getting its full 2 cents worth in this week!).

But here's the Festival's frugal factoid that jumped out at me: How we paid down our debt and saved money at the same time. Of course, I'm as intrigued by the blogger's appellation -- The Good Human -- as I am by his topic.


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The Good Human is just my 2 cents on ways we can all be better humans...I hope people enjoy it and find it useful!

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