So this is why Katie bailed
GOP math: $5.15 = $5 million

You're busted, Bill Gates!

Since the ol' blog started out today with a call for more humor, I had to share this "confirmation" of some Microsoft features that we've all long suspected were part of our PC's operating system.

Microsoft_hidden_features_3 Too freaking funny! And it does have a tax connection.

I found it on TaxProf. See, even -- or perhaps, especially -- the hardcore tax guys need a lighter moment now and then.

As you can see from some of the image's terminology -- bloody ages, sodding -- it came from creative folks located in the UK, Budgie's Squawks. Click on over there and I promise you'll get more laughs to wind down your week.

Now shut off your machine and go out and have a great weekend!


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Thanks for the plug, Kay...!

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