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International sporting dilemma

The World Cup final is set and I don't know who to yell for on Sunday.

Yes, it's true. I've been watching the soccer matches. And while I might not have had the sporting epiphany I hoped for in this earlier post, I have truly enjoyed watching world-class athletes compete. Now the 2006 event is almost over, with Italy and France set to battle for the Cup and European bragging rights, at least for the next four years.

At various times in my life, I've dreamed of moving to both countries. How will I choose which of my fantasy future homelands to cheer?

Italian_flag I like Italian food more than French cuisine, but French films edge out Italian flicks on my movie list.

Parlo italiano slightly more than je parle français, but La Marseillaise is such a great national anthem. Admit it, you sing along every time you watch Casablanca.

I barreled down the Innsbruck Olympic bobsled course with an Italian team (part of a press junket when I was much younger and, yes, schnapps was involved), but Johnny Depp lives in France.

French_flag And here in Austin we still have a French connection, the French Legation Museum, that hails from the days when Texas was a Republic.

It seems, at this moment, that I'm going a bit Gallic, doesn't it? But those crazy bobsledding memories might turn the tide to the Boot. We'll just have to see.

Maybe I'll plant myself in front of the TV Sunday afternoon with éclairs and gelato and be happy about the outcome regardless of the final score!

World_map_2 Making the move: If you've progressed beyond dreaming of international relocation and are really considering a move abroad, here are some sites to check out first:

  • AARP -- yes, it's the "geez" site, but it offers good basic info for expatriates of all ages
  • Escape Artist -- promises thousands of articles, sortable by country, subject and category
  • Transitions Abroad -- lots of links to jobs, internships and study programs worldwide

Bon voyage!


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