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When being bad pays

Cruising into July

Ferrarif50_6 As we drive deeper into July, the latest edition of Carnival of Cars is bringing summer's automotive heat.

At the Carnival, you'll find my ways to save on auto insurance. Car Buying Tips also is there, taking a look at #2 on my list, buy a safer car, and providing a list of current autos that will get you a lower premium.

Our host, Tapscott Behind the Wheel, also offers items on the pricing plans of several auto manufacturers, links us to a look at the sports car coming in 2009 from Lexus and, of course, fills our need for speed with the requisite items on the various racing series.

And now I must make a quit exit off this online autobahn to my TV room and, pardon the mixing of F1 and fútbol, watch whether Renault will continue to dominate Ferrari, this time in the World Cup soccer finale.

World Cup update: Congrats to Italia! Chianti all around for everyone!


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