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Calling all carnival fans

Major kudos to Savvy Saver, who overcame technical difficulties to get this week's Carnival of Personal Finance up on time.

It seems that Savvy's blog host lost the first posting attempt. Undaunted, she persevered and recreated the Carnival so that it would be up as originally advertised.

Given all that work, you just have to give the Carnival a read. And when you do click over there, you'll understand what a feat her double duty was.

Aflac_duck_logo_2 Personal Finance Carnival #58 includes tons of good links (which you'll over at the Carnival itself; the ones here just link to the Carnival participants' home pages), on topics ranging from Mapgirl's tips on how to save money on clubbing to what Mighty Bargain Hunter considers two incredible wastes of money (I hope clubbing isn't one!) to some interesting tidbits about that insurance duck's company from Blogging Away Debt.

What's in the Carnival for me? Savvy included Don’t Mess With Taxes' post on state sales tax holidays.

That same post also was part of the latest Carnival of Cars over at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel. Thanks Mark!

And speaking of taxes and carnivals, just a reminder that Carnival of Taxes #3 is coming up in a couple of weeks. If you have a tax-related item, be sure to send it along via this page, where you'll also find links to the carnival's guidelines and editions #1 and #2.


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Thanks for the link! I'm glad you don't think clubbing is a waste of money. ;-)

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