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All Don't Mess With Taxes polls will eventually end up here.

Poll #18: How are you dealing with the stock market meltdown? (question posted 10/10/08; results posted 10/20/08)
44% said: I have a regular investment program and I'm sticking with it.
2% said: I'm leaving current holdings alone, but not investing new money.
% said: I'm buying bargains.
% said: I bailed out and put my money into FDIC-insured instruments.
% said: I'm ignoring it, hoping the market will eventually work itself out.
       2% said: I'm taking other approaches.

Poll #17: What's the status of your stimulus tax rebate? (question posted 4/28/08; results posted 5/5/08)
74% said: I'm still waiting for it.
2% said: I've received it and spent it.
7% said: I've received it and added it to my savings and/or investments.
% said: I'm not eligible for a rebate this year.
       5% said: I haven't filed my 2007 taxes yet!

Poll #16: How are you spending April 15? (question posted 4/15/08; results posted 4/18/08)
13% said: Pulling my hair out and furiously crunching numbers!
51% said: Enjoying the day because I already filed.
19% said: Filing for an extension.
% said: Spending the refund I already received.
     10% said: Missing the tax deadline with reckless abandon!

Poll #15: To get to your favorite summer vacation spot, will you be: (question posted 6/7/07; results posted 6/24/07)
10% said: Flying
38% said: Driving
14% said: Combination of air and auto travel
% said: Other (e.g., boat, train, hitchhiking)
% said: What's a vacation?

Poll #14: Have you ever cheated on your taxes? (question posted 3/5/07; results posted 3/16/07)
18% said: Yes.
45% said: No.
16% said: No, but I know someone who has.
% said: Define cheating.
9% said: I'm taking the Fifth!

Poll #13: How do you plan to complete your tax return? (question posted 1/6/06; results posted 1/16/07)
12% said: Do it myself with pencil, paper and my trusty calculator.
58% said: Do it myself using tax software on my computer.
25% said: Turn everything over to a paid preparer.
0% said: Bug my cousin, the CPA, until he helps me.
5% said: Please! I can't think about this right now!

Poll #12: Last year, the IRS received more e-filed 1040s than it got in 1966 from all taxpayers. Of course, paper was the only choice back than. Were you part of the new electronic tax revolution? Will you join it this year? (question posted 12/29/06; results posted 1/6/07)
     33% said: No. I'm pro pencil and paper.
     67% said: Yes. I love the electronic ease.

Poll #11: Congress has yet to renew several popular tax breaks that expired Dec. 31, 2005. Which write-off do you most want revived? (Posted 11/1/06)
     72% said: Itemized deduction for state and local taxes
     11% said:
Above-the-line deduction for college tuition and fees.
       7% said:
Tax break for teachers who spend their own money on classroom supplies.
% said: None of them apply to my tax situation.

Poll #10: On Day 6 of the Jack Bauer Power Hour, aka "24," Jack should: (Posted 8/29/06)
       8% said: Get 36 hours to save the world
     13% said:
Be elected president, with Chloe as VP.
     45% said:
Learn that Kim is not his child, freeing him from ever having to rescue her again.
     13% said:
Bring a shaman back from China who can resurrect Tony Almeida.
     21% said:
Permanently jam all incoming calls to "American Idol" voting lines.

Poll #9: Does a tax credit make any difference on whether  you'll buy a hybrid vehicle? (Posted 6/27/06)
       5% said: No. I'd buy one even without any tax break.
     17% said: Yes. I'm more likely to purchase one now.
     28% said: No.
I wouldn't buy one anyway.
     28% said: I'd
purchase one anyway, but the tax break is a nice bonus.
     22% said: It'll make me look now, but it's no guarantee I'll buy

Poll #8: Will you use all of your vacation time this summer? (Posted 6/22/06)
     39% said: I plan to use every single day I receive.
     27% said: I plan to use fewer than half of my vacation days.
     14% said:
I plan to use more than half of my vacation days.
     16% said: I probably won't use any
vacation time.
       4% said: I've already used up all my

Poll #7: Richard Hatch's 51-month jail sentence for tax evasion was: (Posted 5/16/06)
     29% said: Too harsh.
     23% said: Too light.
     23% said: Appropriate punishment.
     25% said: I don't care as long as he keeps his clothes on!

Poll #6: How did (or will) you spend your tax refund? (Posted 4/18/06)
     23% said: Paid down debt.
     27% said: Added to my savings.
       7% said: Went shopping.
       0% said: Took a vacation.
     43% said: Didn't get a refund.

Poll #5: Are you going to seek a filing extension? (Posted 4/12/06)
     38% said: No way! I've done my taxes.   
       8% said: Probably.
     29% said: You bet! I need all the time I can get. 
     25% said: It won't be easy, but I'll get my taxes done by the 17th.

Poll #4: What's your tax bill this year?
(Posted 4/5/06)
     18% said: I got a little back.
     14% said: I owed Uncle Sam a bit.   
     15% said: I got a big refund!
     30% said: OMG! I owe so, so much!
     23% said: I haven't figured out the damage yet.

Poll #3: How do you file your taxes?
(Posted  3/29/06)
     17% said: Do it myself the old-fashioned pencil and paper way.
     61% said: Do it myself using tax software on my computer.   
     15% said: Turn everything over to a paid preparer.   
       2% said: Bug my cousin, the CPA, until he helps me.   
       5% said: Please! I can't think about this right now!

Poll #2: Have you ever cheated on your taxes?
(Posted 3/22/06)
     27% said: Yes.   
     44% said: No.   
     7% said: No, but I know someone who has.   
     11% said: Define cheating.   
     11% said: I take the Fifth.

Poll #1: Have you done your taxes yet
? (Posted 3/14/06) 
     23% said: Yes, as soon as I got my W-2.   
     28% said: Yes, and I've already spent my refund.   
     18% said: No, but all my filing material is organized.   
     16% said: No, but all my filing material is at my accountant's office.
     15% said: Are you kidding? It's not April 17 yet!


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