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I was surprised to learn that Don’t Mess With Taxes is part of this week's Carnival of Cars. Mark was kind enough to include me in the cavalcade's latest edition even though I didn't have a car-specific post to plug. He simply enjoyed my Father's Day offering.

I'm glad he liked my reminiscing. I'm sure my Dad is looking down, enjoying a cold one (it is Heaven, after all, and I know his version of Paradise allows a brew or two!) and is glad, too.

Since it is Father's Day weekend, Mark also offers a nice salute to his father in the Carnival. Mark and I both know what it's like to miss our dads, so if yours is still around, stop by his house this weekend or at least give him a call.

But to be fair to the gearheads who clicked over here from Tapscott Behind the Wheel, I do have a motoring message for you. Click here to read about how Toyota is close to hitting the 60,000 sales mark of hybrid vehicles. When they do, it'll mean that the new tax credit for the next batch of buyers will be less.

And if you came directly to DMWT, after you get your fill of financial info, take a detour over to the car carnival. You'll find links to the practical (tire buying tips), the recreational (NASCAR and IRL reports and a car nut's take on "Cars") and the international (the world of cabs and new Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame, eh?, and no, it's not in Ron Fellows' basement), just to name some of the choices.

Corvette_team_cars_le_mans_2 Now I'm off to watch more of 24 Heures du Mans (en anglais here). One of the Corvette team cars had an early problem, but I'm sure that with a name like Chevrolet in a French race, the guys will get things sorted out soon.

Buckle up and cyber-drive safely.

Corvette team photo © Bruno FOUQUE - ACO/Nikon


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