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Beckham bent it

David_beckham__england_2_1 Being only a cursory soccer/football fan, I admit I watched the England-Ecuador World Cup match today primarily to see David Beckham.

It isn't as shallow as it sounds.

I already knew his hair was in a relatively normal phase right now, especially compared to some other players (see for yourself here). You can check out Becks' earlier 'do's here.

And I had already caught glimpses of Mrs. Becks (aka Posh Spice) at earlier matches (like at this one).

No, today I wanted to see the guy play, especially since he was grist for the pre-game analyst mill. Love him. Hate him. He's overrated. He's not appreciated enough. Wait, that last one wasn't one of the offered opinions today.

But you've got to admit that Beckham at least gets people talking about -- and watching -- soccer.

Given the commentator's barbs, I was glad he scored (the game's only goal), a classic Beckham kick curving just inside the left post. And I tend to agree with Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy that Becks shouldn't be penalized because he's popular.

I always thought building up heroes just to tear them down was an American trait. But it seems that it's a human tendency the world over.

So Hail Britannia and Hail Becks!

Bend_it_like_beckham Bend it Like Beckham: If you haven't seen this movie, rent it.

It's one of those sports flicks, with chicks this time, that gets audiences cheering. You'll get to see Parminder Nagra before she was Neela on television's "ER" (but she'll always be Jesminder to me) and an even skinnier Keira Knightley before she was, well, Keira Knightley.

The cameo by Beckham at the end of the film, however, is not the real footballer. It's a celebrity double.

If you like BilB, you might want to also check out co-writer and director Gurinder Chadha's subsequent "Bride and Prejudice," a quasi-Bollywood version of "Pride and Prejudice."

It's a pretty good popcorn flick, too. And I particularly like the song, "No life without wife."

Youth soccer tax troubles: While most of the world is watching the World Cup, the IRS is taking a closer look at a New York City area youth soccer club.

The New York Times reports today that for the past two years, the Fairfield, Conn., United Soccer Association has been dealing with a tax audit that found the group didn't withhold taxes for a dozen paid coaches and referees in 2003 and 2004. The IRS assessed the association more than $334,000 in back taxes and fines, an amount that Association managers say could force the nonprofit league to shut down.

You can read the full story and possible implications for similar youth sport leagues here.

Beckham photo courtesy AP/SCANPIX


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