Tax loot left in the loo ...
Tax Carnival #1: Are you ready to ride on the Tax Tilt-A-Whirl?

Are you ready for a Sunday drive?

Ferrarif50_4_1 Then head over to this week's Carnival of Cars, where our regular driver Mark at Tapscott Behind the Wheel puts down, and I quote, "some cyber rubber."

Don't Mess With Taxes' report on the seven Honda models now eligible for the hybrid tax credit has a spot along pit road. Other policy/political notes this week include a look at how ethanol is produced and Hillary's energy policy.

You want cars, cars, cars you say? Then you probably have Excessive Horsepower Disorder. It might lead to buying a $100,000 car (if only!).

Or maybe you just want a good used car or a look at the new 3-series BMW or hear about the joy of being able to fix your own auto.

You'll find those and more among all the other fine links Mark has assembled (think vehicle production line) in this week's Carnival of Cars. Enjoy!


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