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Two homes = more than twice the taxes

Extra, extra! PF Carnival is up!

Paperboy_2 The 49th Carnival of Personal Finance is now available at your local Internet newsstand.

Actually, it's available at Frugal for Life, where Dawn, our host this week, has delivered all the financial news that's fit to print on the Web in a welcoming and easy-to-read, old-school newspaper format.

I am pleased to report that my Financial Gifts for Graduates made the front page. But it's just one item in this week's lengthy online gazette.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Red bell peppers caused a red light to go on for Sarah at Frugal Underground, where she discovered Sometimes convenience is cheaper! Read about what her dinner salad experience revealed about money.
  • Being a wife, I know which one I'd advocate in response to Chris's post entitled Your Money or Your Wife. Check out his personal tale of how he and Mrs. Chris approach their money.
  • And my answer to the Dividend Guy's question Should I Keep a Stock If the Shopping Experience Sux? is a resounding "NO!" Of course, I also just had a less than satisfying encounter with Home Depot, his stock in question, so I might be a bit biased right now. Give his entry a read to find out what went wrong on his shopping trip.

Those are just three of more than 40 offerings. So head on over for the rest of the tips, news and personal finance insight in the latest Carnival of Personal Finance.


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