Memorial Day thoughts from the HoA home front
Give now, get back at tax time

One for the road

Ferrarif50_4 Before you hit the highway this long Memorial Day weekend, make a quick pit stop over at this week's Carnival of Cars. Our regular driver, Mark at Tapscott Behind the Wheel, has, as always, mapped out a very impressive and interesting route along the blogging highway.

And since we do deal with finances here at Don't Mess With Taxes, I've marked the exit ramps for some of the Carnival offerings that might save you enough so you can buy those spinners you've been dreaming about.

Debtlog is planning to test out gas-saving devices you see advertised on all those late-night cable programs. Unfortunately, his study won't be finished in time to save you any gas money this trip, but next time. Next time.

If you discover during this weekend's trip that your auto is on its last rims, then you'll want to check out Phil's tale of buying his first new car. It's a Honda.

PunnyMoney, however, is recommending you put a Mini in your driveway.

Me, I'm not going anywhere except the recliner in the den where I'm going to watch cars go round and round in Indy and Charlotte and through the streets of Monaco, although I so wish the F1 race was on Speed with the commentary of Bob Varsha and David Hobbs instead of CBS.

If you're like me, then you'll also want to supplement your race circuit viewing with the Car Carnival's links to several good racing posts to top off the weekend's competition.

And don't forget the milk.


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