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Orig_ferris_wheel_narrow_1 Carnival of Personal Finance #45 is now taking tickets over at Million Dollar Goal, and I'm happy to report that "IRS error in your favor," my recounting of official reviews of a couple of my tax returns, is part of this week's financial fun.

Several other tax topics also are covered, including one of the same name but the tale of a different taxpayer with a much larger refund amount.

You'll also find some tips on what not to do if you're self-employed and how to avoid those pervasive work-from-home scams.

And with a title like Financial Voyeurism, well you just have to take a look, don't you?

Enjoy the rides!


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The IRS will find this math error, make adjustments and send you a notice. Your refund will be smaller. There's no need to call the IRS or refile. In fact, if you did that, it would mess up the processing of your first return. And don't worry about fraud. This type of error is one of the most common that the IRS sees every year.

katherine davis

I had a friend do my taxes in which the tax info on my w2 was transcribed incorrectly onto my 1040. It looks like my refund is higher than expected ($7000 rather than $3299). I tried to make changes myself and re efile with no luck. Should I call the irs right away or wait for a notice? I dont want them to flag it as fraudulant if the 2 w2 amounts do not match. I am a little scared.

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