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Gate is now open for a new carnival

The latest Carnival of Personal Finance (#43 if you're counting) is now accepting visitors over at MyMoneyBlog.

My posting on tax return errors by non-professionals is part of the festivities. But there are plenty of all-around money matters to examine, as out host notes, "from frugality to anti-frugality, giving to the homeless to winning the lottery, and differing investments

Among those that caught my financial fancy this week are "the wife's perspective" on shared (or surrendered) finances and a discussion of the wisest, financially speaking, payout method for the aforementioned lottery winnings (yes, I'm still dreaming!).

But my favorite carnival ride this time is a merging of the spiritual and temporal in Gandhi on budgeting. Again I quote MyMoneyBlog: "Man, that Gandhi dude knows about everything!"


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Penny Nickel

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. :-)

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