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Hurricane 2006! An early alarm, a timely tax break

Gas-efficient online driving

Tired of hearing, reading and worrying about how much gasoline costs?

Ferrarif50_5 Well, you can still enjoy miles and miles of the cyberhighway for just the cost of your Internet connection, thanks to the latest Carnival of Cars now up at Tapscott Behind the Wheel.

This week's offerings include (shameless self-promotion alert!) my posting on the new hybrid vehicle tax credit. But since you've probably already read that here, Mark's autorama has 33 more recommendations for your online motoring pleasure.

These two offerings are interesting companions to my hybrid post: Cars, Religion and Politics and Cars! Cars! Cars!, both of which comment on who drives what kind of fuel-efficient (or not) vehicle.

Thanks to Grant's Auto Parts, I found out what happened to one of my favorite annoying salesmen, Joe Isuzu, and the company he fronted back in the '80s.

But my favorite online road trip this week comes from the Autoextremist, who has issues, lots of issues, with NASCAR, calling the France family creation a "flat-out fraud" whose fans "have been duped and sold a bill of goods." Whoa! Dr. Bryan tells us what he really thinks about the most popular racing series in the U.S. here.

Keep your eyes on the road blog and be a courteous cyberdriver!


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