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24 more hours for a lucky few filers

If you live in Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont or the District of Columbia, chill! Your federal tax return isn't due until midnight tomorrow.

Boston_tea_party Yep, these lucky taxpayers send their 1040s to the Internal Revenue Service Center in Andover, Mass. But today is Patriots Day, a state holiday in the Bay State. Cognizant that it was Massachusettsans who got the revolutionary party started over some beverage tax all those years ago, the IRS recognizes the state holiday and each year that the April filing deadline falls on Patriots Day, the feds say its OK for folks in the affected area to file the next business day.

That means midnight on Tuesday, April 18, is your IRS filing deadline.

So you filers in the Northeast (and Midatlantic if you're in Maryland or D.C.), enjoy the respite. Catch the Boston Marathon. Tune in the Red Sox-Mariners game.  Those of us hassling with our tax returns will think of you fondly tomorrow!

You can find more details on the one-day reprieve for Patriots Day filers here.


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