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The blogosphere, like the world, apparently is small.

Ferrarif50_1 Mark Tapscott helms Tapscott Behind the Wheel, an informative and entertaining auto blog. I'm a bit of a car aficionado. So's the hubby, who acts as my personal auto industry guide, not to mention as my personal driver, most of the time.

In an effort to keep up my side of our vehicular conversations, I search out tidbits on the Web. That's how I found Behind the Wheel. But the first thing that caught my eye on Mark's blog was his "about me" info.

He has connections to Texas, Oklahoma and Maryland (as do I); is a journalist (ditto); and is an auto racer (I'm a fan a several types of racing). Now we're not a case of "separated at birth" -- I'm presuming he's a Blue Oval guy (note the Formula Ford reference in his bio blurb); I'm part of the Bowtie Brigade -- but it's still a kick to see someone on the 'Net with a similar background and interests. Heck, I've lived places for years and not found a soul who shared anything with me.

So that makes checking out Mark's blog all the more fun. And even better for me this week, a Don’t Mess With Taxes entry is part of the Carnival of Cars that Mark compiled. He's also a fan of some classic country musicians, so that might have influenced his decision to include this post (thanks, Mark, for the nice intro):

If the names "Hondo Crouch," "Jerry Jeff Walker," "Helotes" and the "Broken Spoke" are familiar terms, then you are either from Texas or you wish you were from Texas because you've been there. If that sentence makes no sense to you, Kay Bell at Don't Mess With Taxes explains it all, including the automotive connection, here. BTW, they are and I am.

You'll also find Carnival links to a discussion of NASCAR's recent drive through Las Vegas, an in-depth analysis of the current troubles at GM and Ford and many more auto-related offerings.

So head on over and see what's in the Carnival's garage this week.


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