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The Carnival continues

The latest Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted this week by No Credit Needed, includes my item on the IRS' new deal with debt collectors:

Don't Mess With Taxes: Wow! What an awesome blog name! As for the post... Guess who's outsourcing their debt collection business. Hmmm? Read on.

Among my favorites in this week's no-debt-a-thon are Young and Broke's tips on staying within your budget, sound advice at any age, and Debt Hater's take on gender and money management, a good read for gals and guys.

These are just two offerings. Click on over to the Carnival and ride the rest!


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Debt Hater

I read your post in the Debt Reduction carnival this week (I check out your regularly too!). And yes, great minds think alike and that's why we both use the lovely red layout!

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