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Take a Carnival ride with me

Orig_ferris_wheel_75 The 39th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is now available. It's hosted this week by Personal Finance Advice, who's added a nice touch: Along with links to the week's financial blog items, you'll find a link to each blogger's first ever post.

I submit for your perusal (is that Rod Serling's voice I hear in the Twilight Zone of my brain …?):

Don’t Mess With Taxes: November 14, 2005 (It’s the most wonderful time of the year)
This Week's Entry: IRS and debt collectors, a partnership made in …
Quote: “Combine (people’s disdain for the IRS) with the horror stories about debt collectors and it’s easy to understand why some people think this might be the Worst. Idea. Ever.”

If you missed the IRS private collection piece here earlier, please give it a read now. Then you can find out why I jumped into the blogging pool back in November.

And, of course, check out all of this week's other fine Carnival offerings to help you manage your money.


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