Escaping the phishing net
Roadblock for private tax debt collectors

Now taking tickets for this week's Carnival

Ferriswheel13jpg_3 The Carnival of Personal Finance #41 is now open.

As noted by Carnival host Financial Baby Steps, you'll find a wide variety of personal finance bloggings.

Topics range from the expected: banking, budgeting, frugality, credit, debt, mortgages and investing. But you'll also find the personal finance angle in areas such as health and time management.

And, of course, there are the inevitable taxes, including:

Don't Mess With Taxes: The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Taxes
Quote: "Poor Ellen. She's learned a sad fact. Tax collectors the world over are insistent on accuracy. They also want substantiation. Among the things that got Ellen in trouble was trying to write off too many things as business expenses when in reality they had only a vague, quasi-legitimate connection to her job."

Check out the myriad offerings. You're sure to find at least one item to help you through your personal financial day.


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