Independence Day
Are you missing some
tax money?

More sweet music to my ears

Music_bordered_2 I am so jazzed this morning!

Moneysmartz Personal Finance Blog has named Don't Mess With Taxes one of the best tax blogs out there in the blogosphere!

And I quote:

"Does the thought of anything related to taxes send shivers down your spine? Since we are in the midst of tax season, we don't have a choice; we have to talk about taxes. ... [T]ax bloggers now offer a small, but growing body of information, insight, and commentary. Moneysmartz took a closer look at this trend-setting group of tax bloggers and identified tax blogs most helpful to individual financial decision-making."

Thank you, Moneysmartz! And thanks to all my readers! Am I starting to sound like a babbling Academy Award winner? Sorry! I hear the orchestra playing me off stage now.

But news of the listing is a great way to start the weekend and to mark a blogging milestone. This post marks the 100th entry on Don't Mess With Taxes.


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Hi, just checked out your website - very cool that you’re a music pro. Certainly makes your advice suddenly very persuasive.


Congratulations, Kay!! Keep up the great work!

William Perez

Congrats, Kay, you deserve it. It's a tough job to make tax information into a readable story.

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