Say it with cash
Nest egg omelet time for some. No fooling!

Baby you can drive
to my Car Carnival

Ferrarif50_3 This week's Carnival of Cars just went live over at Tapscott Behind the Wheel.

I'm pleased to say that my report on Ambassador Robert Holmes Tuttle's refusal to play nice with London Mayor Ken Livingstone got quite a nice billing:

Holmes Tuttle, who just happens to be U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James, remembers what the American Revolution was about - "No Taxation Without Representation" - and he takes seriously the time-honored international practice of not taxing visiting diplomats. Don't Mess With Taxes explains the car connection on this story here.

Two other items immediately caught my eye. First, a look at this year's Sebring endurance race. It was the 50th anniversary of Corvette competition in international sports car racing. Secondly, an examination of the decision to run the IRL race in Homestead in the wake of driver Paul Dana's tragic death.

There also are plenty of other non-racing, non-Florida car commentaries in the Carnival this week, so check it out!


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