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My horn is tooting

Hey! I made a top 10 list! In the Top 10 Tax Stories of 2005, Paul Caron, University of Cincinnati College of Law tax professor and editor of the uber-comprehensive TaxProf blog, ranks the growth of tax blogging as the 10th most important tax story of last year. Citing a December 2004 Tax Notes story that found four tax blogs established that year, Caron notes that: "In 2005, the number and popularity of tax blogs exploded, enriching the daily professional lives of tax academics, practitioners, government officials, and students. "There are now well over a dozen active tax professor, tax... Read more →

Ted's excellent new TV adventure

It didn’t take Ted Koppel long to land another job. He’s now the managing editor of Discovery Networks, better known to you, me and other basic cable television aficionados for its flagship Discovery Channel. It sounds like from Howard Kurtz’s report in the Washington Post, Koppel will be doing much of what he was with Nightline: documentaries, town meetings and specials on breaking news. Sure, a lot of people have always snickered at Koppel’s hair. His coiffure is right up there with The Donald’s for its “why?” factor. But no one ever questioned Koppel’s journalistic credibility and dedication to his... Read more →

Our own personal Wild Kingdom

A bird got in our house Monday night. It was quite an adventure for us all. It began when the poor little thing, a house sparrow, flew into our den window. We were trying to read our backlog of newspapers with the Sugar Bowl game on the TV as background (our own "talking lamp," so to speak), so our attention was somewhat divided. At first, the noise sounded distant, like something had happened toward the back of our backyard. Being curious, we (and by we, I mean my husband) went to check it out. He opened the back door and... Read more →

Domino time?

GOP lobbyist extraordinaire-cum-criminal Jack Abramoff will plead guilty shortly after noon (Eastern time) today to three counts charging him with conspiracy, honest services fraud and tax evasion, according to the Washington Post. The New York Times lists the charges as fraud, public corruption and tax evasion. Glad to see that tax evasion accusation be consistent. Whatever the technical terminology, the upshot is the same: prison time for Abramoff and concern time for his former pals on Capitol Hill. Part of the plea deal is expected to be Abramoff's cooperation as a witness against his former business and political colleagues. You... Read more →

A shiny new tax year is here

Welcome back to work, where, as soon as you’re through surfing the ’Net on your company’s high-speed connection (and I and my fellow bloggers thank you for your interest and your boss for the access), you’ll be getting back into the office swing of things. Digging through e-mail that piled up while you took holiday time off. Prioritizing projects you were able to shift from last year to this one. Guess what. The folks at the Internal Revenue Service also are hard at work. And one day soon when you get home from a day at the ol’ cube farm,... Read more →

A good defense

... crushes a good offense, at least at the 2006 Cotton Bowl. The Crimson Tide rolled over my Red Raiders today, making Texas Tech's ostensibly potent passing attack look downright anemic. One freakin' TD? ONE? 191 yards passing -- 84 LESS than Alabama? Heck, my husband's front yard football team of his youth probably could have taken down Tech today. If the school's ever offered a chance to play in Dallas again, I urge Tech athletic officials to just say "NO!" Three Cotton Bowl appearances, no wins. Bummer! But I can take my medicine. Back in late November, I was... Read more →