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Let Uncle Sam help with your resolutions

And the answer is "Yes"

A couple of days ago in the wake of Jack Abramoff's guilty pleas to tax evasion, fraud and corruption, I pondered whether Tom DeLay and crew were a bit uneasy. We got the answer today.

The Washington Post, New York Times, CNN et al are reporting that the combative Texan (and no,  that's not redundant; DeLay is an extreme, dogmatic and unwelcome example of Lone Star tenaciousness) has abandoned his bid to remain House majority leader after some in his party decided it was time for a change.

The ostensible reason is his own indictment and coming trial here in Austin on campaign finance charges. But it's obvious that the GOP doesn't want to wait for any possible Abramoff revelations as he cooperates with ongoing investigations into Congressional misdeeds.

Ain't it fun to finally see Karma play out in your lifetime?


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Dan Ray

"I hear that when they booked Jack Abramoff the other day they asked
him to empty his pockets and Tom DeLay fell out." -- Jay Leno in one of his monolougues this week.
When you've lost Leno, you've lost middle America.

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