Taking it (off) personally
Monkey, monkey, monkey

Whew whoops

See what happens when you don't pay attention to the Weather Channel for a day? TD27, which earlier looked like it was fizzling, found new life in the waters off Central America and blossomed into Tropical Storm Ts_warning_flag_6Gamma. I knew I should have joined a sorority! It now, and I stress now, looks like it might roll over the Florida Keys and across South Florida in a few days, primarily as a rain rather than wind maker. But if we've learned nothing else this season, it's never underestimate any storm's potential to wreck lives. This Thanksgiving season, in addition to remembering all you have, consider helping those who don't have it so good, whether from natural disaster damage, job layoffs, medical emergencies or one of the thousands of other curve balls life throws at us from time to time. Pick your favorite charity and help make someone else's Thanksgiving a bit brighter ... and it could even help you, too, if at filing time you claim the contribution as a tax deduction.


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