Stormy tax policy
Muzzling the gas guzzling


It looks like tropical depression 27 is toast. This morning, the National Hurricane Center announced that while it will continue to monitor that area of the Caribbean, it didn’t plan to issue any more advisories on the system because regeneration “does not appear likely at this time.” Goodbye and good riddance! Will somebody please tell the Hurricane Gods that all tropical areas are now closed?!

In case you or someone you know and/or love did take a hit from a hurricane or from any other disaster, you might be able to get some help from the Internal Revenue Service. Yep, that’s right: the IRS. Uncle Sam allows you to write off losses incurred from casualties. Your damage can come from all sorts of unfortunate incidents, including but not limited to natural disasters. Check out this story I wrote on how to claim casualty losses on your next return or, if you were unlucky enough to be in presidentially-declared disaster area, by amending your last (2004 tax year) 1040. This tax break might just give you some needed cash to help your recovery efforts.

Heck, don't limit the sharing of this just to those close to you. If this tax tip can help someone you don't particularly like, tell those folks, too. It might just help your Karma.


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