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Yes, it's the holiday season. Christmas is less than a week away, and you've got a house to clean, meals to plan and cook and gifts to buy. But you also need to think about some year-end tax moves. You probably checked out the 10 tax tasks to take care of by Dec. 31 that appeared a few weeks ago as a Weekly Tax Tip. Thanks. Now here's my gift to you, an 11th tax move. Hire a tax professional. True, this isn't one you necessarily need to do by year's end. But you do need to think about hiring... Read more →

Most of the folks who participated in Pew Research Center's 2014 Future of the Internet canvass said they expect robotics and artificial intelligence, or AI, will permeate much of our daily lives by 2025. If that prediction is accurate -- and I think it's a bit too soon, personally; I mean, really, we're still waiting for flying cars! -- what does that mean for us and our jobs? "Computers had typically been thought of as best suited for jobs that involve routine, repetitive tasks that can easily be reduced to lines of code," writes Drew DeSilver in Pew's FactTank column.... Read more →

Tax professionals have been a hot topic this filing season. The bulk of the coverage has come from the federal court rulings that effectively ended the Internal Revenue Service's nascent attempt to regulate tax preparers. Now comes news from the IRS itself that more of us are doing our taxes on our own. At least that's what the tax data through March 7 shows. After five full weeks of tax filing, more than 27 million individual returns were e-filed by taxpayers who self-prepared their 1040s. That's an increase of almost 6 percent over this time last year. Fewer using tax... Read more →

If you're planning on working on your tax return over this long Presidents Day weekend, expect to be on hold for a while if you call the Internal Revenue Service for help. That's not just my prediction. That's the official word from the tax agency. To save yourself some hold time frustration (even if you happen to like the background music), the IRS says don't call us. Just that. No we'll call you. Simply Don't. Call. Us. Instead, use the IRS online offerings. That request is not a surprise. As I discussed over at Bankrate Taxes Blog back in December,... Read more →